Sunday, September 15, 2013

Boys Will Be. . Entrepreneurs!

Aren't these boys just so cute? That's what we first thought when we came across them two weeks ago, but we soon found out that they mean business. . .in a good sense. The brothers conduct a parking business in their front yard on Kansas State football game days, and they do it all:  the advertising and flagging of potential customers, the directing of customers to their parking place, the receiving of payment. . .all done with courtesy and professionalism. In the spirit of competition, their opening price is $1 less than the neighbors (with the ability to lower the price on the sign as needed), and to encourage repeat business, they give their customers a $1 off coupon for another game day.  Their parents are not involved; however, Mason did admit their parents receive a portion of the proceeds, as would any good "landlord."  The Garren brothers won our hearts and our business.  One of these days I hope to meet the parents and tell them just that.  What valuable lessons in business and economics they are teaching their sons at a young age!  

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