Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year - New Food

For the last several years, primarily since Tyler left home, I've been touting the line that I've retired from cooking.  Nobody is buying it.  And I think my family is conspiring against me to make sure that doesn't happen.  More on that later.  As I was mulling over resolutions for the new year, I decided that if I am going to continue cooking, I might as well make it interesting.  Therefore, I want to be purposeful this coming year to cook or bake one new recipe each week.  I also intend to share the selected recipe on my blog.  But don't get too excited.  I will not be attempting to channel Julia Childs.  In my kitchen, simplicity is the ticket. . .as well as being flavorful, of course.  I look for recipes that I can make fairly quickly, without needing to buy a bunch of unusual ingredients.  

Tonight's recipe was Hoppin' John, a recipe I picked up from the Tasty Kitchen blog.  Since it consisted of beans and rice, the meal was just about perfect in my book.  I'd get along great in South America.  

Click here for the recipe. (I took the short-cut and used canned black-eyed peas, and it was still wonderful!)

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